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In over 30 years Labor Holland created a wide range of drill bits for metal, wood, masonry and concrete,

as well as a complete range of hole saws, machine taps, rotary burrs and drill accessories.

With 35+ years of experience we are able to supply high quality products in 44 countries worldwide. 

Labor Warehouse

our strenghts


True value performance. Supplying premium quality products developed for professional markets. 


We are committed to maximising our product quality through use of new materials, manufacturing processes & technologies. 


Building long term trusting relationships with key suppliers ensuring performance, consistency, stability, accuracy and effective production management. 

iso 9001 certified

Labor Holland is certified according to ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is a worldwide acknowledged standard with requirements in the area of quality management, which makes it a benchmark for transparancy and thrustworthiness in the market. Quality management makes sure that our products and services meet up with the needs, demands, wishes and specifications of clients and other stakeholders like legislation. With ISO 9001 quality management we secure and guarantee improvement of quality so we can meet the needs of our clients even better.

20654-4 Certificaat ISO 9001 PDF ENG.jpg

iso 26000

Labor Holland works according to the guidelines of ISO 26000. The fundamental idea of ISO 26000 is that an organisation looks at its environment from a certain point of view, to see with which social subjects it will be working with. This is based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). On the page of this link you can find more information about ISO 26000.


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