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 Yep Ethiopia foundation

Labor Holland makes a very substantial contribution to The Foundation Young Entrepreneur Program Ethiopia (YEP Ethiopia).

Management know-how and entrepreneurial skills are instrumental for the growth of the Ethiopian economy. The government has highly ranked this strategic subject on the country’s priority list.

Young Entrepreneur Program Ethiopia (YEP Ethiopia) is committed to promote small and medium businesses in Ethiopia. The country has a growing number of big companies that often have contacts abroad. This is the so-called premium segment. In addition, there is a multitude of small local traders: Ethiopians who try to sell their products on a few square metres (mostly on the side of the road), ranging from vegetables to coffee cans. The intermediate layer, in Western countries called small and medium businesses (SMBs), shows room for growth.

YEP Ethiopia is convinced that growth of the medium segment will give a strong impulse to the further development of the country. Holding this conviction YEP Ethiopia is committed to promote (knowledge of) entrepreneurship and management in Ethiopia. Participants are offered the opportunity to go through an effective training program. They are trained in key skills that contribute to successful entrepreneurship and management. Professionals who know from experience how to run a business pass on knowledge of doing business and management. Participants are coached when putting into practice the knowledge acquired. They are encouraged to start activities to fill a position that requires leadership within a company (enterprising employees).

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