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Step drills blog

How do I widen existing holes and deburr at the same time?

A step drill is used for drilling beautiful rounded holes in metal or plastic, drilling step by step. You can also drill and deburr with a step drill at the same time. Due to its cylindrical shaft, it fits in almost any drilling machine or cordless drill. All our step drills are equipped with a split point, this prevents the drill from slipping and scratching the surface. All our HSS-S step drills are made from high-quality industrial steel and are of very high quality. HSS stands for High Speed ​​Steel, an industrial steel that retains its hardness up to approx. 600 °C. This makes it very suitable for tools that can get hot, such as metal drills or step drills.

RSC04012 tm RSC06030kopie.png

Drill at a low speed


The most common mistake is drilling at a too high speed. Step drills in metal are best used slowly. The harder the material and the larger the hole, the lower the drilling speed must be. Our tip is therefore to start at a low speed and increase it slowly if you notice that it is going very smoothly.View the HSS speed schedule below for the optimum speed.

Boortabel metaal.png

Cool with cutting oil

When drilling in metal or plastic, frictional heat is created. This frictional heat causes undesirable consequences. The step drill wears faster due to heat development. Hard materials, such as stainless steel, also become even harder when it is heated, making drilling through this material even more difficult. Therefore, when drilling in hard metal types, use cutting oil to cool the material and the step drill. 


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