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Rotary Burrs blog

What are rotary burrs and for what do you use them?

Rotary burrs are high-quality carbide deburring tools with cross-cutting for universal applications and they come in 13 shapes. You use rotary burrs to deburr, break edges, cut, process welds and surface treatment. The rotary burrs are equipped with an HSS shank and solid carbide head. They have a high machining capacity, high temperature resistance and are resistant to heavy applications.

Advantages of Labor carbide rotary burrs:

• Allows rapid burr removal of harder materials

• Designed for excellent workpiece finish

• The small teeth profile helps to eliminate whistling

• The short chip helps prevent blockage of the grooves

• Most used tooth shape

Teeth profile:

The cross tooth offers a higher cutting capacity compared to an ALU (for aluminum) teeth profile. This in particular has a positive effect on materials that are difficult to cut.

Eenvoudige vertanding.png

ALU toothing

Cross toothing


Labor carbide rotary burrs allow processing of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal, soft metal, plastics, GRP / CRP, nickel and also serve as locksmith tools or fire brigade tools. 


The rotary burrs have an extremely smoothly ground milling surface. Only the best types of micro-carbide are used for the rotary burrs. Each individual chip is 100% tested for robustness and safety.

RBUB0300 tm RBUB1600.png

Safety instructions:

Use personal protective equipment such as eye protection, hearing protection and gloves when using rotary burrs. Take the recommended speed and cutting speed into account. Before using rotary burrs, ensure that the tip rotates correctly and that the clamping function on the tool drive is working properly. Due to the high cutting performance, discoloration can occur on the shaft. This discoloration is caused by the extremely high temperatures that the tool reaches and does not pose a safety risk.

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