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newsletter march 2020

New & Innovative
New: Gripp-X universal 
hole saw arbor system

Labor is the first in the market with this unique system! With Gripp-X technology we provide a Quick Change Arbor that gives you the opportunity to connect hole saw and arbor with an easy push of two buttons. Changing between different sizes hole saws has never been so easy! What is so special about the Gripp-X system, is that all different kinds of hole saws fit this system, without using any adapters. Gripp-X is the revolutionary Quick Change Hole Saw Arbor! The Gripp-X system and its technology are patented. The name and logo are registered trademarks. More information? click here.

Houder recht.png
Improved: SDS-Plus Premium 4-Cutter

Labor is constantly expanding its product range, but also to improve existing products! Our SDS plus premium 4-cutter hammer drill is one of them. In consultation with the production, we have made a strong improvement to the geometry of the drill bit, so that these drills drain even better. Faster drilling and more holes; at the price you expect from us! View here the improved SDS plus premium 4-cutter.

GQ Drill for Cecile 2kopie.png
New: Catalogue 2020

Since this month, Labor's new 2020 catalogue has been released. In addition to our complete range of power tools, the new catalogue also contains more product information. The catalogue has become a nice reference work that cannot be missed in your closet or at the counter. View all products in the updated catalogue. 

Voorkant catalogus 2020.png

If you need more advice about buying patented or improved products after reading this newsletter, please contact us through +31(0)318 623444 or

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