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Hss m35 5% cobalt TL spiral twist drills

HSS M35 5% Cobalt TL Spiral Twist Drill


DIN 338 TL, right hand, TL parabolic flute, 130° cutting edge with splitpoint, fully ground, M35 steel, 5% cobalt alloy, bright.


HSS Cobalt 5% metal drills are made from alloyed high speed steel. With adding Cobalt the drills gets an extremely high hardness which enables them to cut in steel types which are difficult to cut. Full grinding during the production process results in a very sharp drill with high precision. The accurate splitpoint ensures it is self-centering and will make the holes without vibration. The specially designed parcabolic TL flute ensures an easy chip removal. In combination with cutting oil this will result in a very long tool life. Very suitable to use in alloyed steels and steels which are difficult to cut such as stainless steel (inox). Because of the TL flute also very suitable to use in hard wood types like Azobé and Bankirai.


Up to 7,9 mm per 10 pieces in a PVC pouch; up from 8,0 mm per 5 pieces in a PVC pouch

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