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Hole saw, also called hole saw cutter or hole drilll is ideal for sawing round holes in different types of materials. A hole saw can be used, for example, when recessed boxes or recessed spots need to be mounted in the ceiling.


A hole saw is an attachment for making large round holes, larger than possible with a normal drillbit. With a normal drillbit, the material from the hole cuts into sawdust. A hole saw leaves a disc with a hole in the middle. Because the hole is not completely sawdust, making a hole is much faster. In addition, it requires less energy than a drillbit of the same diameter.

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What do you need to saw a hole? 


You don't need a heavy machine for a hole saw, a drill or a screw drill is enough. Place the quick-change mandrel with centering drill on the drill or screw drill, then attach the required hole saw for the chosen material. It is important that you know in advance what material needs to be processed, in order for you choose the correct hole saw. Ensure that the hole saw is suitable for the required diameter of the holes. We even deliver large hole saws up to 210 mm diameter. Because hole saw are used to make larger hole than regular the machine must be used at a low speed. 

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Hole saw wood

When a hole has to be made in wood it is best to use a TCT hole saw with carbide teeth. You can use this TCT hole saw for the types of wood mentioned below;







Kitchen worktops

Kitchen worktops

Laminate flooring


Multiplex plates



metaal 1.jpg

Hole saw metal

When you need to make a hole in metal it is best to use a BI-Metal hole saw with HSS M2 teeth. You can use this BI-Metal hole saw for the mentioned metal types below;


Sheet steel

Stainless steel


With an extraction spring you can easily remove the drill core. This makes fiddling with a screwdriver unnecessary.

beton_steen 4.jpg

Hole saw soft stones and tiles

TCT hole saw is also suitable for soft stone and tiles. This type of saw is suitable for the following materials;

Aerated concrete


Lightweight stones

Wall tiles

Hole saw plastic


Do you want to cut a hole in plastic or PVC? Then it is best to use a TCT hole saw.


Hole saw universal


Do you often need to saw a hole, but in different materials? Then a TCT with carbide teeth is the best option. Note that it is not suitable for cutting holes in metal.

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If you need more advice about buying hole saws after reading this blog, please contact us through

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more information about hole saws?

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