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What are the advantages of a core drill compared to an HSS twist drill?

Core drills are drills for metal that are mainly used in larger diameters (up from 12 mm). The biggest advantage of a core drill compared to a twist drill is that not all of the material needs to be cut. With a core drill you only cut the perimeter of the hole. The core (also called plug) remains intact and falls out as soon as the core drill runs through the material. Because you do not have to drill the core, you can drill much faster with a core drill than with a traditional metal drill. Another advantage is that core drills last longer as a result. Less material is cut, so there is less resistance with a longer service life as a result. Special magnetic drilling machines are required for core drilling. You can attach this drill to the workpiece (metal) with an electromagnet. The big advantage of this is that you do not have to hold the drill as with a hand drill, and that the machine can be taken along, which is not so easy with a drill press, for example. With a magnetic drill you can also drill more easily in more difficult places.

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Connection of core drills


All Labor core drills are equipped with a Weldon connection. The Weldon connection has a diameter of 19.05 mm (up to and including drill diameter 60 mm) and has 2 flat sides. You can fix a core drill with this connection by tightening the 2 screws in the holder on the flat sides of the surface.

Labor core drills


HSS ground core drills are made from high-quality high-speed steel. Full grinding during the production process results in a very sharp drill with high precision. The specially ground teeth ensure that the drill makes the desired holes without vibration. As a result, the drills in combination with cutting oil have a very long service life. Very suitable for use in unalloyed steels such as sheet steel, structural steel and cast iron.

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