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What kind of bits are there? And which ones do I need for my screw?
Phillips .png

This is one of the most commonly used screws and bits. A Phillips bit has a recess in the shape of a cross and is self-centering. This means that the screw will stay stuck on its own. However, because the notch is not very deep, the screw can still come out when you apply power. This problem is less common with the improved version of the Phillips: the Pozidriv (PZ). Do not use a Pozidriv bit on Phillips screws and vice versa. Your bits and screws wear out a lot faster and it doesn’t work pleasant.


The Pozidriv is very similar to the Philips, but thanks to the extra notches on the head you have more grip with the Pozidriv than with a Phillips. The extra grip ensures that you can also screw the screws into the material from an oblique angle. This is certainly useful if you are in a place where there is little room for maneuver. In addition, you can put more power when screwing than with a Phillips. Pozidriv is the most common screw head in Europe today.


Torx bits are often used for heavy work. The head of a Torx bit is star-shaped with rounded corners. The star shape ensures that you can apply much more power with a Torx than whit a Phillips or Pozidriv bit. It is essential for Torx screws that the size exactly matches the Torx bit.


The Slotted screw head is the simplest variant of screw heads. This type of screw head is mainly found in older houses, nowadays they are used less often. This is because the other screw heads offer more grip than a Slotted head. In order to get as much grip as possible on a Slotted head, it is necessary to use the correct bit. Pay attention to the thickness of the bit. When the bit connects exactly to the head of the screw, it is less likely to slip off the screw.


A Hexagon bit (HEX) has six angles and is usually used in the furniture industry. HEX comes from the Greek word six. To tighten a Hexagon screw head, you can use either a HEX key or a Hexagon bit.


The square screw bit is used for the self-drilling screw with a square impression. Thanks to the square imprint, the screw will be fixed on the bit, so you can mount it with one hand.

Trox plus.png

In comparison to the regular Torx bit, the star-shaped teeth are enlarged in the Torx-plus bit. This ensures that the applied force when screwing is distributed over a larger area. This ensures that the service life of the screw and the bit is extended.


TTap bit is an innovation with advantages over an ordinary Torx bit. TTap is a bit which is designed to work efficiently in all forms of assembly for professional applications. The dot on the bit ensures that you have more grip. This makes it possible to screw with one hand without using a magnetic bit holder.


A Spline bit has star teeth. The Spline bit is similar to that of a Torx head, but it has twelve teeth instead of six teeth. The profile does not consist of two hexagons, but of three squares, therefore the English name is triple square. The teeth therefore have an angle of 90° instead of 120°, which means that an Allen or HEX key cannot be used without damaging the teeth. Due to the large number of teeth, a large torque can be transmitted. Disadvantages are the fine teeth and the conical section. If dirt accumulates and the Spline bit is not pushed deep enough into the bolt, the teeth can easily wear off.


Torqset looks like a Phillips head, because a Torqset is also cross-shaped. The difference is that the notches have shifted in relation to each other. That is why a normal Phillips or Slotted bit does not fit on this head. A Torqset is mainly used in the aviation industry.


With a Spanner bit, two round holes face each other. Spanner or also Snake-eye bit are suitable for processing safety screws Snake-eye or 2-hole screws. 


Ribe has star formation with six angles at the same distance. The advantage of a Ribe over older screw drives (Slotted and Phillips) is that it is resistant to extension. Ribe is used a lot in the automotive industry. Often for the brakes and the drive shafts.


If you have found some strange arc-shaped screw slots against your window or door, you probably have discovered the screws of the clutch head. They were used in the automotive industry, windows and doors in the 40s and 60s. 

Assy bit


Assy heads resemble Torx heads to a certain extent, only they are a bit finer in structure. Screwing Assy screws with a Torx bit often works but not vice versa. Assy screws are often used in laptops.

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